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As a dedicated Small Business, $MzBee’s Bail Bonds is devoted to making life easier and getting you back to your life. We do our best to provide affordable solutions and take care to respect your privacy and preferences.

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Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes have little consequences; others have huge consequences. When we say huge, we mean potential jail time. That is where a surety or bail bonds come in. These bonds are a contract between the court and the bail bond agency that gets you out of jail time. The catch is that you agree to return for hearings and court schedules. Now if you find yourself in trouble within Key West, Florida, here are some things to know about bail bonds.

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We are able to service any city or county within the state of Florida. You can also apply for a bail bond and make your payment right here on our website. The entire bail bond process may be completed right here online any time, 24/7..


  • Warrant Walk Through Service

    We get your bail bond ready before you need it so that it can be posted in jail all at once.

  • No Collateral needed in most cases

    Typically, a bail bond requires collateral, such as property or cash, to be put up as security for the bond. However, some bail bond companies offer no-collateral bail bonds.

  • Flexible payment plans

    "You'll be pleased to know that we confidently offer flexible payment options to suit your needs..

  • We’re here for you 24/7, Just Call!

    Not being required to change into Monroe County Jail clothing during the booking process.

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